Vision Quest 2011

Today was the day of the epic Vision Quest race. A total of 55.2 miles with 11,200′ of climbing from Black Star Canyon down the motorway then up Maple Springs ending at O’Neill Park. I was there to present the first of a series of four $50 awards in this case a gift certificate purchased from Rock N’ Road for Most Inspiring Ride.

It’s not unusual for riders to overcome crashes and equipment malfunctions in order to finish. Today there was none of that but we were treated by a ride that gives me goose bumps. Eric Young had tried 6 times to finish this race and never made it. Today he did – with crippling leg cramps it took him over 11 hours to finish dead last. None of that mattered when he crossed the finish line – he was all smiles of someone who overcame a body that didn’t want to move but was forced to by a determined mind unwilling to quit because it was difficult.

I am happy that we were there to be part of a great race professionally organized to standards that others only dream of. From race directors Chris Vargas and Sherry Panttaja to the many volunteers this is a well run event which leaves nothing to chance or luck.

Rock N’ Road Cyclery and Switchback Cyclery were there as well as El Pollo Loco providing the after race dinners. This is the kind of event that makes me want to get back to the hills as a supplement to my road rides.

All photographs by Mike Boeck
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