All that is stopping us from bringing new opportunities to enjoy the District for both residents and visitors alike is you. We need your help to protect our unique and valuable environment. Without the help of those who live and visit we will lose this natural resource. Once gone it’s never coming back.

Contact us for volunteer opportunities.

  • Program Development from outreach to website maintenance
  • Trail scouting
  • New sign
  • Repair siding of both buildings
  • Llandscaping of driveway
  • Painting building and ramp
  • Fx concrete in preschool (front) yard
  • Fix the roof leakage problem with the school-age building
  • Replace/fix ceiling panels in school-age room update inside of both buildings
  • Asphalt for parking lot
  • Handing out flyers to visitors
  • Sharing your experience on facebook and beyond
  • Why don’t you tell us what you like to do and we’ll help you find the right opportunity