Maple Springs Gate Open

It’s finally open to the relief of some and consternation of others. I drove up the road today in my Jeep and while the lower section has been re-paved in some sections the upper dirt section does have some damage and work that has changed the nature of the road making it seem like a new drive.

The biggest change I noticed was the digging of a drainage ditch that routes the flow from the actual Maple Springs away from the road. This now creates a barrier for most passenger vehicles from accessing the turn out at the bend. It was the first time in 30 years of going up Maple Springs road where that section was not wet from the springs.

I also noticed a different demographic of users. There was one group of about 10 people on a picnic right by the side of the road. I stopped and asked them to be sure to remove all their rubbish but who knows if they will. This sort of usage highlights the need for more patrol of the road at the lower end as more people will come after seeing “Silverado” on the news during the Dec storms.

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